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Marketing teams have a great opportunity

We have found pitchXO to have great qualities when going out and marketing a product. It is quite often the case that when you go live with a product you have a bunch of leads who have shown an interest by either signing up to your list or giving you their details at some point. It is also very difficult to tell which of these leads really want to buy your product and are truly interested or which ones are simply curious.

We think that if there is one feature that will truly stand out to the marketeers among you it will be the ability to see which lead has looked at your material and even see how long they have spend on each page. This solves a pretty common problem and saves a lot of time. Why put all your energy into a pitch with a potential customer if you know they haven’t really looked at the material so are not probably interested. Also, if you know a lead has spent a lot of time looking at the figures, what an advantage it would be to go into your pitch focusing on these as you know it is what they are clearly interested in!

pitchXO gives you a solid and intuitive new way to qualify your leads without them even knowing.

Meet Lars,

Lars has a unique product which helps to filter water to new crystal clear standards. Lars quite often tries to sell his product to corporate clients who often have large offices.

Lars often finds that when trying to sell over the phone, a lot of the technology and terminology leads to confusion and it puts the potential customer off.

Lars has created a great presentation which really captures the essence of what his product is trying to achieve and would love to be able to show it to potential customers in a way that he knows who has seen it and who is truly interested.

pitchXO would be able to help Lars tremendously by giving him a marketing platform where he is able to keep track of leads and determine who is truly interested in his product, ultimately boosting sales.

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