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How Document Tracking Helped a Fintech Startup Raise Funds

It isn’t enough to simply say you want to build a product, you have to make sure it works! We had a great opportunity with Capital Aid, a disruptive financial tech startup aiming to revolutionize the speed in which invoices are paid for small suppliers. Capital Aid had created an initial deck and were going out with the initial idea to try and raise an Angel round to bring the idea to fruition.

Capital Aid used document tracking to raise a successful round

This sounded like a great idea for us to test how pitchXO would work. An investor page was added to the Capital Aid website and those who are interested in the material and the deck was set up behind a social login with lead data automatically added to Streak CRM. Once everything was setup, the team only had to go out and send out the link to their network and watch the signups come in.

Well, to say they were pleased with the results is an understatement, this initial pitchXO landing page has attracted interest from over 130 potential investors. When these signed up with their LinkedIn or social information on the page it was displayed to the company so they could keep the material secure to only those they wanted to give access. This wasn’t all though. They were able to use document tracking which played a key part in their successful round raise.

Capital Aid made use of Streak CRM combined with document tracking for their successful fund raise

The integration with Streak CRM also worked great. The company could see that all the leads along with their email addresses and last visit data was automatically pushed here and could work out different stages in the pipeline for when they would want to email them about setting up a meeting or even sending a termsheet. Another thing which they found really awesome was the notification of whenever a lead who had been approved logged in again to view the material. This feature really solved the age old dilemma of the best time to contact your leads, as you can see they are looking at the material now, what better time to call them and this resulted in some really great conversations.

Needless to say Capital Aid had a very successful round and managed to raise a substantial sum. They are going from strength to strength and we are happy that we played a small part in their success so far.

Their CEO, Torben Pedersen had this to say about us; ‘”Keeping track of 134 investors while building a financial startup would never have been possible without pitchXO.”

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