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Corporate Social Responsibility – Increase your reach

Corporate Social Responsibility is a massive, massive industry. The amount of money that companies seem to chuck at it for the media benefits is pretty crazy and quite often they take the easy option and just give to a well known massive organization where often the money does not have a clear aim and is probably caught up in paying the CEO’s salary.

Wouldn’t it be great if large corporations CSR departments opened themselves up for small nonprofits and charities to tell them exactly what their aims are and how the money that they receive will go directly to fighting a cause. pitchXO invites these companies to display their pitch to these corporations through their landing pages and showcase how they would like to make a difference, with pitchXO these organizations can see who is actually looking at their material and make great contacts for now and the future.

Meet Hans,

Hans works for a big corporation which has a CSR budget. Usually, the corporation that Hans works for just chooses one of the big charity organizations which are prominent and writes them a cheque for a certain amount.

Hans doesn’t always feel that the funds are invested in the right way and really would like to support some local projects. Hans doesn’t have a lot of spare time on his hands to look for these projects so wishes there was a way where he could find them easily and be able to get a grasp of what they do quickly.

Hans is crying out for CSR initiatives which are using pitchXO. These have their details and aims online and companies such as Hans can quickly see that their money is going to go a lot further helping such initiatives.

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