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How Statistics for Documents Will Benefit You

pitchXO was started out of pure need. Surrounded by a network who are heavily involved in startups and creating new businesses, you realize just how important fundraising is. We took a look at some of these businesses and which processes they were using to showcase their material and how they were keeping track of the different investors, angels and VC funds they were looking to target.

We were surprised! In a world of high tech digital startups we were totally shocked at the archaic and simple methods involved. These methods ranged from sending out a 10MB+ PDF presentation to a set list of contacts to researching and finding new potential investors to contact and recording such in a spreadsheet. There seemed to be no automation and very little to no structure.

We thought there must be a better way and started to research to see whether we could find a tool which would fill this gap and help our network. Well, I guess this was the EUREKA moment as we were unable to find a complete service to help with the process. We wanted to help our network and the startup community in general find a way to get statistics for documents they want to present. We started to put some ideas down and decided to build something which would help our network and bring the process of fundraising into the high tech era, pitchXO was born.

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