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Investor sites are important, some startups don’t have the best reputation for keeping in touch with their investors unless when they want money. This is simply not the way to be. Keeping n touch with your network and especially those who have invested in you are more likely to help you out during the hard times so why not share with them exactly what has been going on with mentions in the press and media.

What we have found at pitchXO is that the investor site selling point comes once a startup has successfully managed to secure funding and when they growing more and more as a company. It is great for them to keep their original material online which can be easily updated and it is also awesome to share with investors any awesome press or video mentions the company has got. Hey, if I had been interviewed live on FOX News I wouldn’t want to keep it to myself! I would want to tell the world!

Meet Henrik,

Henrik runs a startup in the consumer rights industry. Henrik has just completed his time as part of YCombinator Winter Batch 2014 and presented his company on demo day to a room full of potential investors. Henrik’s company has been the receiver of rounds of funding in the past and the growth figures seem to be impressive. Henrik used pitchXO initially to portray his deck on a landing page and secure funding.

With the help of YCombinator and the overall growth strategy, the company launched into the US market and attracted a ton of press mentions. Henrik likes to showcase all of this material to potential investors and existing investors a like. On the company page, Henrik has a link to the pitchXO landing page and can easily give access to his existing investors and also has the opportunity to give access to any potential investors he feels qualifies.

Now, Henrik’s company operates in quite a competitive market so being able to see the company credentials of someone who signs up through their LinkedIN or AngelList credentials helps Henrik see quickly whether they should have access or not. If he doesn’t want to give them access they simply cannot see the page. Everything is kept secure within the logged in area and Henrik can keep track of who logs in when.

This is great as Henrik is in the fortunate position of having a large number of investors so if he sees someone who has logged in who he hasn’t spoke to for a while, he can simply see they are interested and perhaps shoot them a quick message with an update on the company progress.

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