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Five things to consider for an awesome trial period!

We recently added a 7 day free trial to our product and also simplified the pricing making it even easier to determine what plan is best for you.

What’s new? Well we decided to add a free trial for our customers for 7 days, long enough to test out the way the product works and determine whether it is useful for them.

We understand that free trials are an important part of testing a product and seeing first hand whether it is useful for you. From our early customers we have been testing how long on average it has taken on average to get things set up. We were happy to see that most customers take only 10 minutes from creating their account to having their first presentation live.

Here are five tips to making the most of the free trial we provide;

  1. Connect the tools you are already using – We don’t want to reinvent the wheel and force you to use our services in light of getting rid of those that we are able to use. That’s why we provide many different ways to connect with us. If you are using Streak CRM, sure connect us. Mailchimp? Sure, it’s easy! Sales Force or PipeDrive? No problem, we have you covered. If there is something we are not compatible with, let us know. We want to change that!
  2. Add multiple presentations – We offer the ability to display multiple presentations on the same landing page. Why not show a quick teaser of the information you want to display securely and put it to public? Doing this will enable your audience to view this material without having to log in and act as a hook and if they want to see the full copy they are more likely to sign up.
  3. Try different layouts – There are a wide variety of different styles you can choose with pitchXO. You can change the colors of your text and also the background image. We have a responsive editor where you can see how the changes affect the page. There are enough options to make your landing page really stand out and look unique.
  4. Input company information – At the bottom of the page there is a footer where company information is displayed. You can add your website, facebook pages and other social profiles here. This is a great way to get your audience from your presentation back onto your site.
  5. Send out the link – Try it! We created pitchXO so you don’t have to send out large PDF files anymore so why not send out the link to your leads. Let them sign up for themselves and enjoy the information which has been extracted on them and a new way to know your leads like never before.

We are positive that you will like our product once you have tried it, if not just let us know and we will cancel your plan before billing begins. That will be it, although we may ask for your feedback as we constantly want to make the product better!

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