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A fundraiser with Sir Richard Branson

We are not going to lie and say we had this great vision for pitchXO from the outset. The initial target was startups and raising for investment which turned out to work pretty well. However, as more and more of our network started to hear about what we had created they kept coming up with more and more diverse ways which we could use pitchXO to solve problems in a variety of key areas. When we learnt that Sir Richard Branson was going to be giving a dinner talk at an event in Copenhagen for the benefit of Virgin Unite in an event organized by Coders Trust we jumped at the chance to get involved.


Morten Lund, the serial entrepreneur and seed investor in Skype was charged with putting the event on and asked us to create a page to help keep track of signups and give a safe and secure way to show information and even take the payments. We created a very custom version of pitchXO and had over 200 people sign up on the page, fill in the custom fields telling us why they would want to come and willing to pay.

This was incredible as we had room for just 100! After we had received the initial interest, the page was changed to show a payment gateway so that those who were confirmed could make payment, this was all done through a pitchXO landing page which was awesome but a totally new use case to what we had anticipated.

Payments were taken and over 100,000 EUR was raised for Virgin Unite. After making payment the guest would then see finer details on the venue etc and I think it is safe to say that everyone had a great time at the event.


This was an extremely custom pitchXO installation but was great to make as it showed what is truly possible with the platform and there is no reason why pitchXO could not be used for similar events in the future.

To view a full gallery of pictures of the event head here.

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