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One click approvals from your mobile device!

We focused a lot on making pitchXO easy and simple to use for the customer with the least amount of effort needed to use the core functionality. However we seem to have overlooked the mobile functionality, but we all make oversights right? We now have a new update.

Well, we have worked hard to rectify the situation and bring the best experience to mobile as well as desktop. We understand that a high percentage of emails are now opened on mobiles and if a customer receives an email that they have a new sign up on their landing page, they should be able to approve or deny them access in a simple manner.. makes sense.

Now, when you receive an email that someone has signed up on your landing page, there are two buttons within the email for approving or denying the lead. Click the action that you want, and hey presto! The lead will be approved or denied. This is a great way to catch signups as they happen them and action them quickly and effectively.

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