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Dropbox Tracking Doesn’t Exist… But This Will Help!

The rise of cloud storage has made sharing files easier than ever. More and more individuals and businesses are relying on Dropbox or similar services such as Google Drive to get content out to their audience but there is one major problem with sending material out via a Dropbox link. What is it you may say! Well, sending a link out through Dropbox gives you no information about the receiver or whether they even opened the thing that you sent them.

With being involved with computers for most of the day. It is hard to understand just how much some businesses rely on Dropbox links to get material to their customers. I was recently talking with an individual who has stakes in an ecommerce business. They don’t have their site built for taking orders and payments online. How do they do their business? Well, they have a product catalog in a PDF format and they send this out to their customers who then choose what to buy.

If the system is working, why break it? I hear you but this isn’t feasible for scaling the business. Obviously the ideal scenario for an ecommerce business is to be able to take orders and payments online and then you can analyze your customer behaviour quite extensively with the use of big data and modify your customer approach and website based on the behaviour of your customers but this isn’t always possible to do for a small business with limited money. Surely, there must be a better way to sending out a catalog through a Dropbox link which is also inexpensive?

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to see when the person you send a link to actually opens it and what pages of the document they spend most of their time looking at? Unfortunately, Dropbox tracking is a thing of fiction. We thought there must be a better way to showcase important documents to customers which is why we made pitchXO.

Through the creation of a professional looking landing page, you can create a subdomain such as It is simple to put up your catalog and see who decides to access it. You can also see which pages your customers spend the most time on. Very useful, if for instance you are selling clothing and you can see that a particular piece is getting a lot more attention than the rest of the collection, then you know which items you should get in a higher quantity from your suppliers.

Of course, you are already getting a lot more information than you were if you were just sending out a Dropbox link, but there are other added benefits. You can connect your new page to a CRM system to capture the email addresses in an organized way. So many people keep their customer email addresses in an excel spreadsheet or even worse, 18th century style like in a notepad.

Keeping information like this is not necessarily a bad thing but you have to be aware that the data just keeps building up. There may be some people on the list who were active who are not any longer. These people are wasting your time if you are sending them information personally. With pitchXO, we also have a feature which lets you email directly all of those who have been active on the landing page. This will give you the latest sample of active users on your site and let you engage with these people directly. This can be a great way to reward loyalty and active customers by perhaps giving these people a unique offer that they wouldn’t have received otherwise.

You should always be looking at ways to make your business easier. I hope I have shown you something which could work for your business. If you did want any help or further advice with how this could work for your specific needs. Please do get in touch.

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